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Cina Khaledi - Ort

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Cina Khaledi ( (Born December 14th, 1997) is a Kurdish-Iranian Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Composer, Graphic Designer, Video Creator and Director. He is the Founder of Cin and Illenn, And Co-Founder of XoniaK.

Khaledi was born to Kurdish Hawramani parents and was raised in western part of Iran, in a city called Kermanshah. Despite all the complexity around him he always had to hide his real feelings and pretend to be someone he wasn't to blend in. Without much friends, he would always be calm since he had a totally introverted personality type. His only getaway from all the negativity around was seeking knowledge, Reading from history, religions, philosophy, psychology to science, technology and art. Gaining experience, Learning the lessons and focusing on his personality puzzle, Was his spark to find an endless path of creativity which led him to build two concepts, Illenn and Cin.

"Ort" is Cina Khaledi's first official Album, Released on his birthday (14/12/2021)

The album reflects his perspective of the place he grew up, From love stories to social struggles, He wrote and produced the album with his friend Emhyr R Far, A talented producer with unique point of musical view in 2019 and 2020, The combination between two gave this album a different color which was a spark for both of them to find their own path.

What is interesting about this album, There are no boundaries or what so ever, Follows no rules but emotion and feelings, From Ambient to heavy bass electronic and all the way to Alternative rock, Combination between Cina's Baritone/Bass texture and Emhyr's Alto/Tenor completes the painting.

A journey from a place out of the usual, A place that no one would go, A piece that no one would touch, Home sweet Home.

Album: Ort

Track: 7 + 1

Producers: Cina Khaledi, Emhyr R Far

Composers: Cina Khaledi, Emhyr R Far

Songwriters: Cina Khaledi, Emhyr R Far

Vocals: Cina Khaledi(Bass, Baritone), Emhyr R Far(Alto,Tenor)

Master: Moein Montazer

Label: XoniaK


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